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DVD Solution is a very complete application that allows you to do a lot of actions: view a DVD, record an audio, data CD or DVD, extract the audio from a CD, create slideshows, edit videos or generate presentations from photographs.

Each action has its own program. For exampe, Power DVD plays VCD or DVD and Power Produce creates VCK.

Each subprogram has its own features and interfaces:

- With Photonow you can change the features of the photographs like: brightness, contrast, orientation, cut, delete red eyes, resize, etc.

- With PowerDirector it's possible to record videos, edit and make montages, apply special effects, insert transitions, record audio from an entry source and more.

Another very interesting application is PowerBack that allows you to make backup copies of files and of the system to restore them afterwards.

Trial version lasts 30 days. All the actions related to the CD or DVD recording are deactivated, including the 'Label Print' function.

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